Country Roads take me home…

My body was exhausted but my mind was motivated, and my soul was completely enriched with all the experiences, new destinations, unexplored routes and different cultures. For I had also made my biggest discovery -the roads of Rajasthan are very much like its people – simple, serene and welcoming. I crossed the Thar Desert on… Continue reading Country Roads take me home…

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3 museums you didn’t know exist in Jaipur

Jaipur, commonly known as the City of Palaces, hosts some amazing museums as well which boast of some rare collections of crafts and culture. And my cycle escapades in this city has taken me to these fabulous museums. Pink city is fairly protective about some unique and old tradition for the explorers which can be seen through these  unique… Continue reading 3 museums you didn’t know exist in Jaipur


Stairway to Heaven

This time I was determined to cycle and explore ‘Gurushikhar’,the highest peak of Rajasthan which is at the height of 5676 feet and is nestled above the Mount Abu (a famous hill station in Rajasthan). So I set on an expedition starting from Udaipur to Mount Abu and Gurushikhar. It’s 160 km from Udaipur city… Continue reading Stairway to Heaven


“Cycle to Re-Cycle” – A National Record

A new national record in“India Book of Records”,by pedalling a Gearless bicycle on Indian“Golden Triangle” for 702.82 km in 69.38 hours, on the occasion of ‘National Renewable Energy Day’ on August 20, 2016. "Cycle to Re-Cycle" - A National Record Many cycle expeditions have been accomplished and many peaks have been surmounted on one saddle and… Continue reading “Cycle to Re-Cycle” – A National Record